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Slut Alana Evans Sucking Cock In An Office

114 Slut Alana Evans Sucking Cock In An Office

Cock-smoking, small-chested slut Alana Evans gathers her long blonde hair together and pulls it out of the way so it won’t interfere with what she’s about to do — suck cock like the pro she is. Totally naked, she gets on her knees in front of the lucky stiff whose dick she’s gong to work, and then get gets started. She runs her tongue up the length of his shaft, licks his balls and sucks on his cock like a pro. She uses her hands to stroke him while she deep throats him and bobs her head up and down on him like a fucking bobble-head doll. Eventually she gets a massive fucking cum load dumped into her mouth that’s so big it dribbles down her chin!

Horny blond bitch Alana Evans has a tickling in her ass hole

113 Horny blond bitch Alana Evans has a tickling in her ass hole

Horny blond bitch Alana Evans has a tickling in her ass hole that she just can’t scratch, so she enlists the help of big dick stud John West to give her what she needs. She gets John over to her house, giving him a drink and telling him to relax while she performs a seductive striptease, teasing him with her gorgeous body, replete with slutty fishnet stockings. She gives John a brief blow job, but John knows what this bitch really needs – a hardcore ass banging! Laying her on her back, he holds her butt and her thighs up in the air so that he can go straight to anal, merely spitting on the ass hole before he slides his prick right in there.

Alana Evans was ultra horny and she started giving a strip show

112 Alana Evans was ultra horny and she started giving a strip show

Alana Evans was ultra horny and she started giving a strip show to her man on the couch. She slowly removed her clothing, revealing all of her hot body parts. He got up off the couch and they started to make out as she took off her panties. He fondled her wet twat, making his cock hard in his pants. Then Alana got on her knees and started sucking on his big rod. She even tongued his asshole as she gave him hot oral foreplay. Then Alana bent over the couch and was rammed into from behind. He fucked her while fingering her ass and then he stuck his cock right up her tight asshole and fucked Alana hard until jerking off on her face.

Alana Evans has not boundaries

111 Alana Evans has not boundaries

Alana Evans has not boundaries. When it comes to fucking she likes a dick in her mouth, pussy, ass, you name it. When she hooked up with Benjamin she sucked his cock, then licked his balls and even stuck her tongue up his ass. Then he put her on the couch, lifted her legs back and plowed that pussy with his cock. He fucked her deep and hard then licked her ass and stuck his cock right in her tight asshole. He fucked that ass deep and hard until she had an assgasm all over his cock. After reaming all her holes clean he dumped his cum right onto her tongue.

Blond Alana Evans thoroughly enjoying a black cock

110 Blond Alana Evans thoroughly enjoying a black cock

We just love strip clubs. Night after night once we get off work me and the boys head down to the local club and holler at all the fresh white pussy in the place. Alan has had her eye on me for quite some time. She tells me she blew a few guys in the vip even let one or two of them finger fuck her, but never went all the way. Well it’s a first time for every thing right? Watch her suck my big black dick…Fuck her at the pole and walk her over the the couch and fuck her blonde little pussy silly. Some guys tip big with dollars we tip big with hot nut in her mouth!

Alana Evans gets facialed

Alana Evans enthusiastically sucks cum out of cock

19 Alana Evans gets facialed

Alana Evans with three Guys at once

18 Alana Evans with three Guys at once

Nasty blond porn whores Alana Evans and Genesis Skye find themselves getting roughly throat fucked by three hot studs at hardcore porn training camp. It’s only one guy to start with, and he enjoys having these two girls furnishing all of their attention on his erect penis. However, two more stud soon enter the room, clamouring around the girls and expecting their own share of the oral service that is going around. These guys are totally dominant and rough with the sluts, throat fucking them, gagging them, and holding their noses so that they can’t breathe once their throats are full of hard man meat. The dirty girls take a triple facial.

Gangbang with Alana Evans

Super blonde Alana Evans and Genesis are taking about Genesis getting ready for her first gangbang when all the guys line up on the couches and she takes turns sucking each one down her tight throat. They blindfold her and then all of them take turns fucking her tight cunt in many different positions. The blindfold comes off as she continues sucking and fucking all the men in the room, screaming and moaning with each slam. Alana then jumps in and lets the men fuck her little beaver and they all switch it out, moaning and making noise. Genesis then gets loads of cum all over her face as her thank you gift.

17 Gangbang with Alana Evans

Alana Evans in a wild sex scene

This is one of the more random pornos I think I have ever watched, and I saw all sorts of people in it. From Alana Evans to Genesis Skye, there was Tyla Wynn, Brett Rockman, and even Tyce Bune making themselves known in it. There is also plenty of action from the women, which is all I need to keep on watching it. Of course, given the amount of porn I watch it doesn’t really take all that much to make me watch it. I would watch porn all day and enjoy every minute of it if I really had the chance to do so.

16 Alana Evans in a wild sex scene

Alana Evans gets fucked doggystyle

Pretty trophy wife Alana Evans hates her husband. She’s hot and blond and needs to get fucked. So she meets a hot young stud and takes him home. This horny slut can’t wait to get titty fucked with her new huge fake boobs. Licking and sucking Kurt Lockwood’s dick like a lollipop, she gives him an amazing rim job. He straddles her face and fucks her mouth while she gags and deep throats his huge rod. She finger fucks his ass as he swings her upside while holding her to 69 each other. He sits on her face and smothers her with his balls as she fucks him with her tongue. She rides him hard while moaning before cumming on his rock hard dick.

15 Alana Evans gets fucked doggystyle